Willatt Care Limited

Kerry Tideswell 

Director of Care & Quality Assurance Manager 

For more than 20 years, Kerry has worked within the health and social care sector with involvement in both community

and residential care.

At a young age, Kerry started her career as a care assistant for private nursing homes, then moved to a personal carer role for

several years.

knowing that she wanted to deliver; and be apart of, ensure that quality care was being delivered to vulnerable individuals, Kerry

then turned her attention to more senior roles within the Care Sector. Kerry has a wide and vast knowledge of roles such as

Field Care Supervisor, Team Leading and Managing a Care Service. 

Kerry has worked across a broad section of the Care Sector, including; community support, residential, Nursing care, mental health,

auxiliary, rapid response, elderly care, learning disabilities and Palliative care. 

Over the years, Kerry has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience thanks to her varied roles within the sector. This experience

has become invaluable at Willatt Care, where Kerry oversees an inclusive service which keeps everyone involved and informed

throughout every step of their care journey.

Kerry is passionate about ensuring care is delivered to the highest quality, and believes the knowledge, skills and experience she has

gained over the years should be shared with colleagues so they can develop their abilities. Kerry's knowledge makes a positive difference to the way Willatt Care delivers care, which in turn benefits everyone.

Kerry is also Willatt Care's Quality Assurance Manager - a role that was almost made for Kerry! To ensure that Willatt Care continues to deliver a high standard and quality care service to all its service users and team alike. 

Kerry, along with Stuart, prides herself knowing that every member of the Willatt Care family, lives and conducts themselves to our motto:

‘Willatt Care was founded with the belief that, care should be truly personalised, be it Live-In Care, Personal Care or Social Care – encouraging individuals to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.'   - and today, that is still our mission.

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